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EASA Euro Ad Alerts are aimed at practitioners, relevant government and consumer organisations concerning cross-border advertisements demonstrating sharp and extremely misleading practices. They provide updates on companies endorsing such practices and provide advice to consumers and companies who have been misled.



A study by the Policy Department of the European Parliament on the misleading practices of directory companies was published in May 2008. The study was requested by the European Parliament's Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) and looks at the problem posed by misleading directory companies and how the legal framework deals with the issue.


Study on misleading directory companies - May 2008 [Pdf, 2220Kb]





Construct Data Verlag GmbH

Euro Ad Alert - Construct Data Verlag GmbH - April 2012 [Pdf, 117Kb]



Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH / DAD

Euro Ad Alert - Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH / DAD - April 2012 [Pdf, 76Kb]



European City Guide

Euro Ad Alert - European City Guide - April 2012 [Pdf, 82Kb]



Euro Business Guide

Euro Ad Alert - Euro Business Guide - November 2010 [Pdf, 35Kb]



Euro Content Ltd

Euro Ad Alert - Euro Content Ltd - August 2010 [Pdf, 114Kb]



NovaChannel AG

Euro Ad Alert - NovaChannel AG - November 2009 [Pdf, 53Kb]

Ruling Swiss Supreme Court - October 2009 [Pdf, 33Kb]



Friedrich Müller

Euro Ad Alert - Friedrich Müller - November 2009 [Pdf, 27Kb]

Press Release Bundesnetzagentur - May 2008 [Pdf, 53Kb, in German]

Injunction: Austrian Supreme Court - July 2009 [Pdf, 48Kb, in German]



World Business Guide

Euro Ad Alert - World Business Guide - November 2009 [Pdf, 38Kb]

Adjudication of the Spanish SR, Autocontrol [Pdf, 2672Kb]