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03 Apr 2012
Inclusion of financial marketing in Spanish advertising self-regulatory system wins Gold





Inclusion of financial marketing in Spanish advertising self-regulatory system wins Gold


Brussels, 3 April:Autocontrol, the Spanish advertising watchdog was awarded the Gold award in the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) Best Practice Awards, which are presented to initiatives that implement the EASA Best Practice Recommendations in an effective and efficient way.


Autocontrol received this award for having brought financial advertising in Spain within the national advertising self-regulatory system. Since having done so, Autocontrol’s membership has grown by 113 new members and copy advice requests, which are now legally recognised, have increased astronomically from 460 requests related to financial advertising in 2010 to more than 9500 requests in 2011.


The development and implementation of credit institution advertising self-regulation in Spain, and the acknowledgement by EASA with the EASA Best Practice Gold Award, proves the maturity of the Spanish advertising self-regulatory body, AUTOCONTROL, and its capacity to respond efficiently to new challenges in all areas, including the most sensitive”, highlighted Jose Domingo Gómez Castallo, Director-General of Autocontrol on receiving the award.


The Silver award went to the UK Advertising Standards Authority for its substantial extension of remit to include marketer-owned websites. Following this extension in March 2011, the ASA has dealt with an additional 7.195 complaints in 2011 that now do fall within remit and has responded to 14% more copy advice requests.


The Advertising Standards Council of India won the Bronze award for an extensive three-folded awareness campaign aimed at the general public (with a television campaign), future and current advertising professionals (through an advertising festival) and regulators (by organising a conference).


The Advertising Standards Authority of New Zealand was commended for its original pro bono awareness campaign aimed at the advertising industry.


Robert Madelin, Director General of DG Information Society and Media, who had attended the celebrations, commended the winners on twitter. Oliver Gray, Director-General of EASA highlighted that “one of EASA's key aims is to promote the exchange of best practice” and that he was thrilled that EASA could reward so many excellent best practice schemes that other self-regulatory bodies could emulate.



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Notes to editors:


The European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels and is the single voice of advertising self-regulation in Europe. It acts as the coordination point for advertising self-regulatory bodies and systems across Europe and beyond. EASA brings together 34 advertising self-regulatory organisations (26 from 24 European countries as well as advertising self-regulatory organisations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, New Zealand, Peru and South Africa) and 16 organisations representing the advertising industry (advertisers, agencies and the media) both globally and in Europe.


The EASA Best Practice Awards are presented each year to self-regulatory organisations that have most effectively implemented an element of the EASA Best Practice Model – a set of operational standards for advertising standards bodies. The jury is composed of representatives from the advertising industry associations (advertisers, agencies and media) in membership of EASA. The annual award was previously won by Turkey in 2004, South Africa in 2005, the Netherlands in 2006, Ireland in 2007, Belgium in 2008, Slovakia in 2009, the UK in 2010 and France in 2011.


The EASA Best Practice Recommendations are intended to provide detailed guidance to SRO and industry members of EASA on how to go about advertising self-regulation. They are designed to stimulate and assist national discussions on the development of self-regulation according to the Best Practice model. The Best Practice Model was put together in 2004 and describes ten component parts of the model self-regulatory systems that EASA wishes to see in place in all existing EU member states and its extended SRO membership. Having such a model helps EASA and its members to evaluate, initiate and develop effective and efficient systems across a wider Europe. It also allows the identification of areas where investment is needed to develop existing national arrangements in order to improve the provision and operation of self-regulation.


Copy advice is an advice on (a) proposed advertisement(s) provided by a self-regulatory body, usually on a non-binding basis, as to whether or not it is compliant with the local advertising code.



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