Advertising Standards Canada
Les Normes Canadiennes de la Publicité

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Complaints handling

  • ASC handles complaints from consumers and other interested parties
  • Fee:
    • Consumer complaints – Free
    • Special Interest Group complaints – Free (until further notice)
  • Complaints must be submitted via an online form or in writing
  • File a complaint (in English/in French)
  • View decisions (in English/in French)


Copy advice

  • Copy advice is available to all
  • Fee:
    • Members – Free
    • Non-members – CAD 250
  • Feedback is usually given within 24 hours



  • Ads must be pre-cleared by ASC Clearance Services in five regulated categories of advertising: alcohol, children, cosmetics, food and non-alcohol beverages, non-prescription drug and natural health product advertising to consumers
  • Fee: Charges vary depending on an advertising category, media and time delivery (ASC members pricing/Non-members pricing)
  • Feedback is usually given within 24 hours