The 18th of February 2017 marks 45 years since the adoption of the Council of Europe Resolution on Consumer Protection against misleading advertising.

The Council meeting in 1972 emphasised the need for a coherent and effective consumer protection policy. This Resolution particularly encouraged the development of codes of fair advertising practice such as the ICC code (celebrating this year its 80th anniversary) and the set-up of self-disciplinary bodies, serving as an effective base for the creation of EASA.

These recommendations show a long-standing recognition of the value of advertising self-regulation, which continues to find resonance in today’s public policies. Since the adoption of the resolution, EASA and self-regulatory bodies across Europe have continuously developed rules that address consumer and public authorities’ concerns to reflect the needs of their time.

Today more than ever, EASA pursues its ongoing commitment towards more responsible and ethical advertising, while integrating the technological changes and industry developments into its best practices.