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EASA has coordinated pan-European ad monitoring exercises since 2003 focusing on advertising for food and non-alcoholic beverages as well as alcoholic drinks. Self-regulatory organisations are provided with all the ads that appeared within a certain period of time from the specific sector being monitored and are asked to verify if the ads comply with the code.


In general, the benchmark for assessment is the new ICC Consolidated Code on Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice (2006), the sector specific code as well as any national self-regulatory provisions. Depending on the exercise self-regulatory organisations have been asked to review anything from television ads to online banners.


For reasons of impartiality and due process, independent reviewers, knowledgeable in both advertising regulation and consumer protection issues, are appointed to verify that the appropriate criteria have been set up, to check SRO responses are made correctly by accessing the EASA-approved results online and viewing responses at random, to testify to the correctness of the monitoring procedure and to ensure the processes are transparent, participative and accountable.


More information can be found in the individual monitoring reports which have been published by the sponsors of the monitoring exercises and can be downloaded below.


Ads for alcoholic beverages

1right_orange 2010 beer advertising - responsible beer advertising through self-regulation [Pdf, 2226Kb]

1right_orange 2009 Alcohol Online Advertising Monitoring report [Pdf, 208Kb]

1right_orange 2008 Alcohol Advertising Monitoring report [Pdf, 372Kb]

1right_orange 2007 Alcohol Advertising Monitoring report [Pdf, 1219Kb]

1right_orange 2006 Alcohol Advertising Monitoring report [Pdf, 112Kb]


Ads for food and non-alcoholic drinks

1right_orange 2012 EU Pledge Survey [Pdf, 627Kb]

1right_orange 2010 Monitoring Report - Food & non-alcoholic beverages advertising on marketer-owned wesbites [Pdf, 320Kb]

1right_orange 2009 Food Advertising Monitoring report [Pdf, 250Kb]

1right_orange 2008 Food Advertising Monitoring report [Pdf, 394Kb]

1right_orange 2007 Food Advertising Monitoring report [Pdf, 966Kb]

1right_orange 2006 Food Advertising Monitoring report [Pdf, 2118Kb]