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International Council on Advertising Self-Regulation

InternationalCouncilLike so many other markets, the advertising market is becoming more and more globalised. Noticing the growing need for global discussions EASA decided to set up the International Council on Advertising Self-Regulation (ICAS), which first met in May 2008. The aim of this council is to provide a forum to facilitate information exchange, best practice discussions and communication among advertising SROs around the world.


As it continues to develop the International Council will also 

  • help ICAS members strengthen and enhance their mechanisms for responsible advertising self-regulation through the promotion of EASA best practices (modified to suit an international context). 
  • provide help and consultation in order to facilitate the development of SROs where they do not currently exist. 
  • build a profile for advertising self-regulation globally.

1right Download the informational leaflet for further information [Pdf, 300Kb]


All corresponding members of EASA are a member of the International Council as well as some European self-regulatory organisations and industry members.


EASA coordinator: Jennifer Pearson