EASA Organises “Advertising: Technology and Responsibility” Forum in Paris!

16 April 2019

On the occasion of its Biannual Meetings in Paris, EASA organises a forum on “Advertising: Technology and Responsibility”, bringing together more than 90 high-level representatives of global, European and national organisations from the advertising industry and self-regulatory bodies. 

The forum involves key stakeholders who shape the advertising market today, including leading digital platforms and representatives from the advertising industry for them to share their vision of the future of responsible marketing communications.

Digital advertising is evolving, and emerging forms of marketing communications are being enabled by new technologies.  A great line-up of speakers and panellists from the European Commission, the International Chamber of Commerce, leading tech companies, advertisers, media industry representatives, and self-regulatory organisations. 

The discussion focuses on how technological changes can be best addressed to ensure responsible advertising and enhance consumer trust. It explores what is currently being done as well as what more can be done to address these issues and promote collaboration.