6 May 2021 – EASA held its Board meeting and Annual General Assembly.

EASA's Chairwoman, Charo Fernando Magarzo, took these occasions to thank EASA's members for their unfailing support despite the current difficult times. These meetings were also an opportunity to look back at 2020 and EASA's key achievements during the previous year, further detailed in EASA's annual review, published on the day. 2020 was a positive year for EASA. This situation was reflected in the audit accounts presented by EASA's Treasurer, Conor Murray.
EASA presented the priority actions for 2021, which are part of its 2020-2022 action plan built around three pillars: 1. 
strengthening and supporting EASA's secretariat and members 2. connecting and engaging with EU institutions and stakeholders 3. developing the Alliance's membership base and relevant services and expertise and anticipating new opportunities which may be relevant to ad SR.

EASA has two main focus areas for which dedicated working groups have been set up to continue engaging with digital players to help secure their investment in advertising self-regulation and to explore and scale technological solution such as AI and other technologies that leverage data and automation processes to improve the workflow of ad Self-Regulatory Organisations (SROs) and to help to increase the overall advertising compliance in the online advertising space.
On 6 May 2021, EASA published its Annual Review 2020:

Despite the challenging year, EASA elected new officers, gained new members, the self-regulatory organisation in Serbia and Google, EASA's first digital pure-play member and delivered 18 virtual events. The report also features key statistics, technological developments, collaboration with partners, EASA policy work, project updates, publications and more! 

The full version is available here

EASA Annual Review 2020 cover