On 2nd November, the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) Chairman, Stéphane Martin, attended and spoke at the Romanian Advertising Council’s (RAC) event on ‘Influencer Marketing and Ethics in Communication’.

Issues discussed included:

  • Influencer culture in Romania.
  • Business areas that mostly use this type of marketing.
  • The way this phenomenon will develop in the future.
  • Investment being made by brands regarding macro and micro influencing.
  • The UCP Directive and how this is applied to social media commercial communications in Romania.
  • The relationship between AI and influencers.


Stéphane Martin hailed the event as “a great success, with high attendance, hours of informative presentations and a rich exchange of ideas.”

Speakers included influencers and representatives from brands, advertisers and advertising agencies focused on digital and social media, and macro and micro influencers. Participants shared case studies, statistics and relevant data. RAC organised the meeting in collaboration with PRIAevents.