MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Österreichischer Werberat

Each month, EASA features one of its members. In March, the spotlight is on ÖWR - Österreichischer Werberat. Read more about the key highlights and work of ÖWR.


The amendment of the AVMSD sustainably strengthens the system of self-regulation in commercial communication. The Austrian Advertising Council is responding to this with a variety of new initiatives and is launching the Decade of New Ethical Responsibility with numerous projects. More details here.


The 2020 ÖWR Annual Complaints Report presents "stop" decisions, the "top 3" reasons for complaints, advertising media, and 8-year complaint trends, as well as other information. More details here.


In accordance with the requirements of the KommAustria Act amended at the end of 2020, based on the new version of the applicable EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive (EU AVMS Directive) which entered into force in December 2018, the Austrian Advertising Council revised its Code of Ethics.

The new Code of Ethics for the advertising industry includes guidelines that address inappropriate audiovisual commercial communications for certain foods around children's programs. These now also apply to providers of video-on-demand services and video-sharing platforms and have been extended to other audiovisual channels, such as video clips and user-generated content.

"In a dynamic process, we were able to specify and sharpen the Code of Ethics especially in the above-mentioned areas," explains ACC President Michael Straberger. "The professional and quick cooperation of all industry associations is an important signal for us and proves once again how quickly and efficiently self-regulation can act," Straberger is pleased. And, "We are convinced that in this area in particular, the voluntary self-restraint of all market participants will bring about far greater acceptance and thus willingness to implement than any legal requirement could." More details here. 


With the proactive publication by the Advertising Council and the extended documentation obligation for companies in the case of stop decisions (complaint upheld), the system of self-regulation will be strengthened even more in the future. More details here.












Austrian Advertising Council President Michael Straberger and Managing Director Andrea Stoidl













ACC Managing Director Andrea Stoidl together with ACC- and EASA-Board Member Markus Deutsch (right) together with Richard Saturley (World Out of Home Organization) at the Award Ceremony in Stockholm 2019