EASA's Involvement in the revised ICC Marketing Code

On 1st October 2018, EASA attended the ICC’s Commission on Marketing and Advertising meetings in Cartagena, Colombia.

During the meetings topics such as GDPR in Europe, or the California Consumer Privacy Act in the U.S. were addressed. Lucas Boudet, Director General of EASA, provided an update on the inception and content of the European code of practice on disinformation online focusing on its implications with regard to the current ad SR system and references to the ICC Advertising and Marketing Communications Code.

The meeting was followed on 2nd October by a conference on responsible advertising in the digital age, which was also marked by the launch of the Spanish translation of the Code.

EASA’s Chairman, Stephane Martin, provided an update on the rules regarding advertising to children and how his self-regulatory organisation, ARPP, was ensuring these rules were made accessible through motion design videos (in French; English subtitles).

EASA would like to thank all of its members who provided invaluable input for the drafting of the new ICC Code and, more generally, regarding ICC work. EASA ensured that the views of its SRO members, who oversee the functioning of the ad SR system on a national level, are represented in all relevant ICC global initiatives.

EASA Biannual Meetings 2018

EASA members will meet in Budapest next week between 9th and 10th October for the second Biannual Meetings of 2018.

The event, hosted by the Hungarian SRO, ORT includes meetings of all EASA’s Committees, with keynote presentations from important players in the advertising industry.

For those who can attend, we look forward to welcoming you next week!

EASA Blue Book

Thank you to those who have purchased the EASA Blue Book - we trust it has served as a valuable resource for you and your organisation. Please feel free to spread the word and encourage your members and other relevant stakeholders to get their access to the Blue Book platform and explore the European ad SR network.

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ASA launched its new Influencers Guide

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA, UK) launched a new guide to help social influencers stick to the rules by making clear when their posts are ads. The Influencer’s Guide was developed in collaboration with the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to bring all the relevant information in one place.

The Influencer’s Guide is an online resource that aims to help all parties involved in influencer marketing to follow the rules.  It includes:

•             What the rules are

•             What the ASA considers to be an ad

•             How to make clear ads are ads

•             What the CMA’s requirements are

•             What happens if someone makes a complaint about a post to the ASA

The Influencer’s Guide also includes a flowchart to help users quickly work out whether a post needs to make clear that it’s an ad.

We’ve banned a number of influencer posts for failing to make clear they were ads and earlier this year, we launched a project looking into the labelling of online ads to make sure the ASA’s standards are in the right place.

The CMA recently launched an investigation into whether influencers are properly declaring when they have been paid, or otherwise rewarded, to endorse goods or services.  The CMA enforces consumer protection legislation which prohibits unfair commercial practices.

Stage 2 of the UK Government’s Obesity Strategy

The UK government published stage 2 of its obesity strategy in June.  The strategy proposes a number of measures, including a consultation on introducing a 9pm broadcast watershed and ‘similar online measures’ on HFSS advertising.  The consultation is due to be published at the end of this year.

The ASA has been carrying out research that it hopes to be able to feed into the consultation. CAP has carried out a review of the new non-broadcast HFSS rules, which were introduced in 2017, and there has been a call for evidence into the broadcast rules.  The ASA is involved in ongoing conversations with government and will ensure that they are aware of any results from its research around HFSS.

The Internet Safety Strategy

The UK Government is due to publish the Internet Safety Strategy White Paper in Winter 2018/19.  The White Paper is expected to contain plans for a statutory social media code of practice which will provide guidance to social media providers on appropriate reporting mechanisms and moderation processes to tackle abusive content. The plans will likely recommend the creation of a new ‘internet regulator’ to enforce the code of practice.  It is possible that the codes will include rules for online advertising.

The ASA is meeting with government as they work on these plans and making it clear that the ASA’s current rules for online are robust.

Guy Parker - Lessons from online ads can help us police the web

ASA's Chief Executive, Guy Parker, recently wrote in the UK's Daily Telegraph, discussing how online advertising can help SROs, government and law enforcement to better police the web. You can read Guy’s article online here (behind a paywall for non-Telegraph subscribers).


The Interprofessional Organization of Spanish Wine (OIVE) has launched a new Code of Conduct for Commercial Communication on Wine

On 13th July 2018, OIVE launched at the headquarters of AUTOCONTROL a new self-regulatory code for the wine advertising industry. It is aimed at regulating the presentation and the advertising of wine related products while promoting moderate and responsible drinking.

AUTOCONTROL and OIVE signed an agreement, according to which AUTOCONTROL will enforce the aforementioned code.

It will come into force on 1st August and builds on the existing Code signed in 2008 by the Spanish Wine Federation, clarifying application aspects that were raising doubts, such as the size or the location of advertising messages. The new code will be applicable to both online and offline content in all communication channels, including email, mobile phone and computer applications.

In addition, this code increases the protection of vulnerable groups or situations where wine is incompatible, such as minors, consumption during pregnancy or alcohol and driving. The Code of Conduct for Commercial Communication on Wine also regulates non-alcoholic wines, which as of 1st August, will follow the same rules and restrictions as wines with alcohol.

José Miguel Herrero Velasco, General Director for Food Industry at the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, said he was "pleasantly surprised by the commitment made by the industry for having voluntarily imposed a set of rules that will be monitored by AUTOCONTROL, which is a sign of prestige".

José Domingo Gómez Castallo, General Director of AUTOCONTROL, said he was proud of being able to accompany the wine industry in the path towards self-regulation, and to provide "an independent third party, of recognized prestige, that will ensure that the rules are applied correctly."

You can read the code here (in Spanish).

AUTOCONTROL’s Data Protection workshops

On 18th September 2018, AUTOCONTROL held the first in a series of five workshops organized to assist companies of the advertising sector in fulfilling the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Following high demand in this first edition, the Association has organised a second round of each of the five workshops to be held at a later date.

The courses are addressed to professionals of the advertising sector who advise, execute or take decisions related to advertising activities that imply the use or processing of personal data. The workshops take place in the AUTOCONTROL’s Madrid headquarters.

The keys to help companies interpret, implant and fulfill the new regulation are exposed in a practical way.  Seating being limited to 25 people, registration is required. This assures dialog and exchange of experiences, as well as a suitable place to solve in a practical and direct manner any doubts that could arise among the assistants.

The full program of this workshop is available here.

Next worskshops:

• Processing of personal data under the GDPR: legal basis, in particular consent and legitimate interest – 2nd and 10th October

• Privacy impact assessment and pseudonymisation – 16th and 24th October

• Notification of personal data breaches – 30th  October and 26th November

• Processors and international data transfers – 6th  and 28th November

JEP (Belgium)

JEP’s 2017 Annual Report

JEP published its 2017 Annual Report. It can be read here (in French).

Most notably, JEP’s 2017 remit extension resulted in an increase of complaints files: 13% of the complaint files treated in 2017 pertained to new competences and these files accounted for 2 fifths of the overall 44% increase in complaints files.

Moreover, the remit extension allowed the SRO to deal with certain high-profile cases (notably regarding gender) that would have been declared out-of-remit prior to the remit extension.

Also, whilst complaints about the depiction of persons and taste and decency are on the rise as compared to complaints about allegedly misleading advertising, the Jury did not formulate remarks in 69% of the files.



Euro Effie Awards Gala, Brussels, 16th October 2018

On 16th October, the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) will be celebrating this year's most effective marketing communications efforts with the announcements of the 2018 Euro Effie Awards winners! Seats are limited, and tickets can be bought here.

Euro Effie Forum, Brussels, 16 October 2018

Also on 16th October will be EACA's Euro Effie Forum which will be focused on marketing effectiveness with 6 examples, considered the best in class, presented by the agency and the client! There will be insight sharing and deep-dives into the makings of outstanding and effective cases from the Euro Effies. Register and purchase your tickets here.


New joint Executive Director for ENPA/EMMA 

The European Newspaper Publishers’ Association (ENPA) and the European Magazine Media Association (EMMA) have appointed Ilias Konteas as joint Executive Director of the two associations, who assumed the position on 1st October 2018. Ilias has a legal background with a specialisation in European law, including European media law. Before joining EMMA/ENPA, he spent 16 years at BUSINESSEUROPE, in charge of intellectual property issues.


SIINDA Local Search Summit – October 14-17, 2018 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

On October 14th-17th, SIINDA will host its Local Search Summit in Dubrovnik  This year's topic of focus will be on Location and Personalization to Enhance the Search and User Experience. There will be a number of social events in Dubrovnik including a welcome cocktail on October 14th, a Games of Thrones themed event on October 15th, and a Gala Dinner at the Monastery on October 16th!

For more information and registration, please visit SINDA's website here