EASA’s Work Recognised by APEC Trade Ministers in Qingdao’s Statement

21 May 2014

APEC Trade Ministers reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen good regulatory practices and welcomed the APEC Advertising Regulatory Capacity Building Mentoring programme, in a Statement given at the meeting of APEC Trade Ministers Meeting in Qingdao, China on 18 May.

EASA’s Australian member, the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) has been leading EASA’s work in APEC region since it organised a world-first APEC Ad Standards Dialogue in Hanoi in 2012. During the Dialogue EASA’s Perspectives on Advertising Self-Regulation were recognised as good practice in the event’s final report. This recognition was later endorsed by the APEC Committee on Trade and Industry.

EASA’s Director General, Oliver Gray said “The promotion of self-regulation and the development of self-regulatory coverage are core areas of EASA’s work. The recognition of the APEC Trade ministers is a powerful reminder of just how much we have achieved since 2012. EASA now looks forward to supporting the work of the ASB in promoting ad self-regulation in the region, in particular in its facilitation of the mentoring programme alongside the Chinese Advertising Authority”.

The chapter ‘Promoting Innovative Development, Economic Reform and Growth’ of the Qingdao Statement reads:

“48. We reaffirm APEC Leaders commitment to strengthen the implementation of Good Regulatory Practices (GRPs), take note of the proposal made at SOM1 on public consultations, and instruct officials to continue carrying out related capacity-building and information sharing activities on a voluntary basis. We welcome the APEC Advertising Regulatory Capacity Building Mentoring Program, which aims to promote alignment of advertisement standards and reduce the cost of doing business.”

You can find the full press release from APEC here.