National advertising self-regulatory organisations and advertising industry associations can join EASA as a member and enjoy the numerous benefits membership at EASA has to offer, including:

For self-regulatory organisations:

+ Consolidate and strengthen your system through expert advice from EASA and its consultants as well as by receiving peer advice from self-regulatory organisations affiliated with EASA on both policy and process issues;

+ Future-proof your system by participating in different Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces created specifically to address current and upcoming issues, such as online behavioural advertising;

+ Partake in member training sessions (e.g. copy advice, communications) and monitoring workshops on advertising for alcoholic beverages or children and digital advertising to name but a few.

For ad industry associations:

+ Get specialist insights into policymaking and debates on both a European and international level affecting advertising and self-regulation;

+ Benefit from EASA specialist reports on self-regulation across product and issue areas as well as statistical trends analyses and monitoring evaluations;

+ Learn from EASA coordinated monitoring exercises of different media for particular issues, such as the advertising of food or alcoholic beverages, and benefit from the detailed workshops that follow these exercises.

To enquire about your membership’s terms and conditions, please contact EASA Secretariat.