EASA has historically played an important role in promoting international cooperation beyond Europe.

An international committee was established in 2008 within EASA to allow non-European Self-Regulatory Organizations to exchange best practices with their European peers.

In October 2016, ICAS, the International Council for Advertising Self-Regulation was established as a separate organization with EASA as its founding member. Like EASA at the European level, ICAS promotes responsible advertising through the effective implementation of self-regulatory standards at the global level. EASA and ICAS work closely together on issues of mutual interest.

ICAS brings together a network of Self-Regulatory Organizations from North & South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe as well as global associations representing the advertising industry and experts on global advertising and marketing laws.

The objectives pursued by ICAS include:

  • Exchanging best practices around advertising self-regulation and working on common solutions to the global challenges faced by the advertising industry;
  • Facilitating the establishment of new SROs in emerging markets and empowering them to grow;
  • Promoting self-regulation worldwide and highlighting its benefits for consumers, businesses, regulators and society as a whole.

To find out more about international Advertising Self-Regulation, visit the ICAS website.