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EASA Meetings in Madrid

5 – 7 October 2022

05 Oct 2022

Past Events

Webinar: Issue Based Advertising

Date and Time: 23 June, 10 AM CEST Attendance: EASA & ICAS members

23 Jun 2022

Webinar: Dark Patterns and Advertising Regulation

Date and Time: 19 May, 3 PM CEST Attendance: EASA & ICAS members

19 May 2022

EASA and ICAS Meetings in Dublin 2022

Over 60 participants from around Europe and the world attended the EASA and ICAS joint Meetings in Dublin, hosted by the Irish SRO member ASAI on 11, 12 and 13 May 2022, where members, partners, guests and external speakers discussed current trends and issues concerning advertising self-regulation. Over the three days, members participated in a […]

11 May 2022

EASA 30th anniversary

EASA is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, highlighting the organisation’s long-standing role in helping to ensure responsible and compliant advertising. The celebration officially began at the joint EASA and ICAS meetings in Dublin, hosted by ASAI, its Irish SRO member. EASA will celebrate the anniversary throughout 2022 with a unique full-blown communication campaign and […]

10 May 2022

Webinar: Sharing AI experience for the benefit of EASA SROs

Date and Time: 5 May, 3 PM CEST Attendance: EASA & ICAS members

05 May 2022

Webinar: Google and EASA Discussion: Advertising of Crypto

Date and Time: 23 March, 4 PM CET Attendance: EASA members

23 Mar 2022

Webinar: SRO in Focus – ASCI

Date and Time: 10 March, 10 AM CET Attendance: EASA & ICAS members

18 Mar 2022

Webinar: Policy Session on Influencer Marketing

Date and Time: 23 February, 2 PM CET Attendance: EASA members

23 Feb 2022

Webinar: SRO Services

Date and Time: 17 February, 3 PM CET Attendance: EASA members

17 Feb 2022

Webinar: Unfair Commercial Practices Directive Guidance Update

Date and Time: 13 January, 4 PM CET Attendance: EASA members

13 Jan 2022