What is pre-clearance?

Pre-clearance is the compulsory examination of an advertisement before it is broadcast or published, to ensure that it complies with legal, statutory or self-regulatory rules. Pre-clearance often involves an element of copy advice, in terms of the changes necessary to enable a non-complying advertisement to be broadcast or published. However, its final purpose is not the same. Pre-clearance is normally found in circumstances where advertising is subject to statutory or co-regulation. It is the exception rather than the rule in European countries and it is currently required in countries like France and UK for all TV broadcast advertising, Portugal for alcohol and foods high in fat, salt and sugar ads for TV and some other countries for highly regulated specific industries (e.g. medicine and medical products)

Like copy advice, pre-clearance greatly reduces the risk of complaints, but if a complaint is received, the preliminary decision to grant clearance will be reviewed by the SRO’s jury and if necessary, it may be overruled. For more information, please consult EASA’s Blue Book.