The European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2022.

EASA was officially launched in May 1992 with 15 SRO members from 13 European countries and has since become the single authoritative voice on advertising self-regulation, promoting high ethical standards in commercial communications, whilst continuously adapting to the social and technological evolution.

We invite you to discover EASA’s journey over the past 30 years – the Alliance has passed through many challenges but has always upheld the ethical principle that advertising should be legal, decent, honest and truthful.


  • EASA’s 30th Anniversary
  • EASA’s 30th Anniversary communications campaign
  • Signing of EASA’s Declaration for proactive and effective advertising self-regulation and the enhancement of socially responsible advertising in Europe.
  • Release of EASA’s refreshed visual identity
  • Launch of EASA’s new website
  • Release of the Global Guidance on Environmental Claims developed with the support of EASA
  • EASA has a network of 42 organisations representing 28 SROs from Europe, 13 industry organisations representing the advertising ecosystem (the advertisers, agencies and the media) and 1 digital pure play company member
  • The Best Practice Awards winner is the Dutch SRO Stitiching Reclaming Code for the development of an AI tool that can identify, monitor, and report on online advertising and breaches of the code


  • EASA begins work on Data-Driven SR
  • EASA extends its ad monitoring coordination to a new sector
  • EASA enhances and further digitalises its internal operations
  • EASA organised a record-high number of webinars and online sessions


    • Google becomes the first digital pure-play company member of EASA
    • NAESO, the Serbian SRO, joins EASA as observer member
    • Charo Fernando Magarzo is elected Chairwoman of EASA
    • EASA’s event are made virtual due to the COVID pandemic: launch of EASA’s webinar series and EASA/ICAS informal calls


    • EASA leads International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) working group developing a toolkit to ensure responsible and compliant advertising self-regulation
    • AMI RS, the Russian SRO, joins EASA as observer member
    • EASA formally releases Best Practice Recommendation on Influencer Marketing
    • 13th Biannual Best Practice Awards


    • Management by EASA of the EU Pledge Accountability Mechanism
    • EASA releases its Digital Bluebook
    • Launch of the revised ICC’s Advertising and Marketing Code


    • EASA’s 25th Anniversary.
    • EASA welcomes News Media Europe as a new Member
    • EASA involved in the 10th revision of the ICC Advertising and Marketing Code
    • EASA has a network of 41 organisations representing 27 SROs from Europe and 14 organisations representing the advertising ecosystem (the advertisers, agencies and the media).
    • 12th Biannual Best Practice Awards


    • Stéphane Martin takes over as EASA Chairperson.
    • Lucas Boudet is the new Director General of EASA.
    • The new International Council on Ad Self-Regulation, ICAS is launched, under the Chairmanship of José Domingo Gómez Castallo (Autocontrol). ICAS is now a full-fledged structure bringing together members from across the globe and extending to the United Stated with the U.S. Advertising Self-Regulatory Council.
    • Launch of new EASA website.
    • EU Commission recognises the role and effectiveness of advertising self-regulation in the Report on Cosmetics Regulation.
    • EU studies for REFIT and Impact assessment of AVMSD recognise the role and effectiveness of advertising self-regulation.
    • Reference to effective SR and CR expanded in Commission proposal on AVMSD.
    • First Cosmetics Advertising monitoring workshop.


    • “Ad Self-Regulation is Better Regulation” is published.
    • Updated Best Practice Recommendation on Digital Marketing Communications launched.
    • EASA welcomes Commission’s better regulation communication and intention to “consider both regulatory and well-designed non-regulatory means” as part of its Better Regulation Agenda.
    • Self and Co-Regulation to be considered as part of the EU Regulatory toolbox options.
    • EASA moves from Rue de la Pepiniere to larger premises at current location, Rue des Deux Eglises.
    • EASA is involved in establishing criteria for environmental claims.
    • EU publishes Environmental Claims Report supporting self-regulation as an effective instrument.
    • EASA is involved in EU Commission consultations on revision of Consumer aquis.
    • EASA coordinates Cosmetics Europe advertising monitoring.


    • El Salvador (CNP) becomes a corresponding member.
    • The work in the APEC region leads to heads of state recognising the benefits of advetising self-regulation.
    • OECD study recognises the benefits of effective advertising self-regulation based on EASA case study to ICC.
    • ICC Framework for Responsible Marketing Communications of Alcohol is launched.
    • EU issues “The Principles for Better Self-and Co-Regulation” inspired from EASA Charter and Advertising Roundtable, to guide the work in Commission’s Community of Practice on Better Co- and Self- Regulation.
    • EASA participates in multi-stakeholder discussions and drafting of recommendations for environmental claims.
    • “International Guide to Developing an SRO” is revised.
    • 11th Annual Best Practice Awards – winner: the ASCI SRO (India).


    • Guy Parker (ASA) takes over as EASA Chairperson.
    • Colombia (CONARP) and Mexico (CONAR) become corresponding members.
    • EU Commission’s Community of Practice on Better Co- and Self- Regulation is launched – EASA representatives are invited to sit on the Steering Group.
    • EASA, Ethics and Education: 3E project launches and EDU taskforce is established.
    • EASA carries out Gap Analysis project for Cosmetics Europe.
    • 10th annual Best Practice Awards – winner: the Clearcast SRO (UK); the ASB SRO (Australia) receives outstanding achievement award for their work with APEC.


    • EASA’s 20th Anniversary.
    • Robert Madelin announces at EASA Gala Dinner his idea for an EU initiative to recognise and encourage the benefits effective self-regulation.
    • Advertising: we care! – EASA conference on the critical role of responsible advertising in empowering consumer choice and its effect on economic growth.
    • Revised ICC Framework for Responsible Food and Beverage Marketing Communications launched.
    • The EDAA – European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance – launched to increase transparency, choice and control for consumers for online behavioural advertising.
    • 9th annual Best Practice Awards – winner: the AUTOCONTROL SRO (Spain).


    • Publication of “EASA Best Practice Recommendation on Online Behavioural Advertising”.
    • Publication of updated ICC Consolidated Code with specific chapter on digital marketing communications and online behavioural advertising.
    • Update report on Charter Best Practice commitments & 10 additional commitments to European Commission.
    • EASA monitoring of food brand websites.
    • EASA Workshop on identifying commercial communications in online platforms.
    • 8th EASA annual Best Practice Awards – winner: the ARPP SRO (France).


    • SRO set up in Cyprus (CARO).
    • Training of Cypriot SRO Jury members.
    • Workshop on food advertising monitoring and member workshop on Internet based advertising.
    • 3E Education Module under development.
    • Independent implementation review by EASA of commitment by Brewers of Europe on 7 Operational Standards for beer advertising codes across Europe
    • EASA coordinates monitoring of food brand websites (8 countries, 87% compliance).
    • Publication of 6th edition of the EASA Blue Book.
    • 7th EASA annual Best Practice Awards – winner: the ASA / CAP / BCAP SRO (UK).


    • Ildikó Fazekas (ÖRT) takes over as EASA Chairperson.
    • SRO set up in Bulgaria (NCSR).
    • Swedish SRO re-launched as Reklamombudsmannen (Ro).
    • SRO in Luxembourg (CLEP) re-launched.
    • Launch of European Copy Advice facility,
    • Update report on Charter Best Practice commitments to European Commission & launch of 10 additional target commitments.
    • Launch of mini websites on Digital Marketing Communications, Sustainability Claims and Education.
    • Publication of Best Practice Recommendation on Standards of Service.
    • Publication of EASA International Guide to developing a self-regulatory organisation.
    • EASA coordinates monitoring of spirit brand websites (13 countries, 93% compliance).
    • EASA coordinates monitoring of advertising for food products & non-alcoholic beverages (4 months period, 98% compliance).
    • 6th EASA annual Best Practice Awards – winner: the RPR  SRO (Slovakia).


    • Launch of International Council on Advertising Self-regulation (ICAS).
    • Publication of “Digital Marketing Communications Best Practice”.
    • Launch of new EASA website.
    • Monitoring of alcohol advertising coordinated by EASA (3 -month period, 94% compliance).
    • Monitoring of food product advertising coordinated by EASA (3 months period, 96% compliance).
    • 5th EASA annual Best Practice Awards – winner: the JEP SRO (Belgium).


    • Reporting back on Charter Best Practice commitments to European Commission.
    • Publication of “Best Practice Recommendation on Communications and Awareness”.
    • EASA participation in key German presidency event in Leipzig, concerning the potential of effective Self and Co-Regulation.
    • European Alcohol and Health Forum launched. EASA involved over the next years in reporting on evidence on compliance via ad self-regulation and monitoring.
    • Commissioner Meglena Kuneva states: “SR today has a truly European dimension thanks to the work that has been carried out by EASA over the years”.
    • Adoption of AVMS Directive with clear reference to advertising self-regulation as a policy option.
    • Monitoring of food product advertising coordinated by EASA (3-month period, 97% compliance).
    • Publication of 5th edition of the EASA Blue Book.
    • 4th EASA annual Best Practice Awards – winner:  the ASAI SRO (Ireland).


    • Re-launch of SRO in Poland (RR).
    • Australia (ASB) and Brazil (CONAR) become corresponding members.
    • EASA helps coordinate major revision and consolidation of ICC code of Advertising Practice to include Marketing Communications. ICC publishes new Consolidated ICC “Code of Marketing Communication Practice”.
    • EASA participates in EU Advertising Roundtable chaired by DG Sanco Director General, Robert Madelin, which results in the publication of a report endorsing best practice self-regulation based on the EASA Charter approach.
    • Robert Madelin states: “…the willingness of EASA, and all others involved in the debate to explore what a strategic improvement in SR quality might involve, does create some confidence that SR is capable of a sustained move over time towards a level of heightened effectiveness.”
    • Publication of Best Practice Recommendation on Code Drafting & Consultation.
    • Monitoring of food products advertising, coordinated by EASA over 12-month period, shows 95.6% compliance.
    • 3rd EASA annual Best Practice Awards – winner: the SRC SRO (Netherlands).


    • SRO set up in Lithuania (LRB).
    • Jean Pierre-Teyssier (BVP) takes over as EASA Chairperson.
    • Publication of the “EASA White Paper”, outlining EASA’s commitments to extend self-regulation across the Single Market and including background information on the EASA Charter.
    • EU Advertising Round Table continued.
    • EASA roadshows in Romania, Greece and France.
    • Publication of Best Practice Recommendation on Publication of SRO Jury Decisions, on Jury Composition, on Complaints Handling, on Monitoring of Advertising;
    • EU platform for action on diet, physical activity and health is launched. EASA will be involved over the next years in reporting on evidence on compliance via ad self-regulation and monitoring.
    • Publication of 4th edition of the EASA Blue Book.
    • 2nd EASA annual Best Practice Awards – winner: the ASASA SRO (South Africa).


    • Formal signing of EASA SR Charter, based on the “EASA Best Practice Model of Advertising Self-Regulation” issued in the same year.
    • 10 Best Practice Commitments & Get-Fit Programme launched, to encourage all SROs to adopt best practice recommendations in the way best suited to the regulatory framework in which they operate.
    • First EU Advertising Round Table.
    • 1st ICC Framework for Responsible Food and Beverage Marketing Communications issued
    • EASA SR roadshows in Ireland, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic and Lithuania (incl representatives from Latvia and Estonia).
    • 2nd EASA monitoring project – alcohol advertisements over a period of 9 months
    • Launch of the EASA Annual Best Practice Awards (recognising the work that the SRO members have done in promoting self-regulation and implementing EASA’s Best Practice Recommendations and Charter).Winner: the ROK SRO (Turkey).


    • Re-launch of Greek SRO (SEE).
    • Christopher Graham (ASA) takes over as EASA Chairperson.
    • Over 1000 cases have been processed so far by the EASA cross-border complaints system.
    • A new publication, “Advertising SR – The Essentials” is launched.
    • EASA roadshows in Spain, the Netherlands, Austria and Hungary, bringing together key sectors of the advertising industry to gather support and credibility for national SR systems.
    • Publication of: Best Practice Recommendation on Confidentiality of the Complainant’s Identity, on Copy Advice, on Substantiation of Claims
    • EASA coordinates its 1st monitoring of alcohol advertisements over a 3-month period.


    • Re-launch of the EASA website as an SR portal including the first on-line cross-border complaint (CBC) form.
    • EASA Statement of Common Principles and Operating Standards of Best Practice agreed.
    • EASA provides convincing evidence of the effectiveness of advertising self-regulation in response to challenge by EU Commissioner Byrne for more responsibility or further restrictions needed.
    • Publication of 3rd edition of the EASA Blue Book.


    • EASA is re-structured with membership composed half of SROs and half of advertising industry associations and the new EASA is born as the single voice of the industry on advertising self-regulation.
    • Formal launch of Finnish SRO (LTL). 


    • José Domingo Gómez Castallo (Autocontrol) becomes the 6th EASA Chairperson.
    • EU adopts the E-Commerce Directive, as well as the Distance Selling and Comparative Advertising Directives, to which EASA had contributed a submission and the results of a survey.
    • The E-commerce Directive contained a reference to self-regulation and the country of origin principle.
    • EASA survey on comparative advertising.


    • SROs set up in Romania (RAC) and Russia.
    • The EU Council publishes the results of a public consultation on the “Convergence Green Paper” and the role of self-regulation for new media services, in which self-regulation was recognised as an effective alternative to legislation.
    • The follow-up to the Green Paper on Commercial Communications also recognised EASA’s efforts to establish an effective cross-border complaints system based on the country of origin principle.  
    • “Self-regulation in the Media Sector” – an EU seminar on advertising self-regulation, organised in Saarbrücken, helps to formalise the status of advertising self-regulation as a valid policy option
    • EASA survey on motor vehicle advertising.


    • Sir Leon Brittan acknowledges that EASA’s work has “created a real reduction in the perceived need within the Commission for legislative intervention in this area”.
    • Plans are made for the extension of self-regulation across Europe and the examination of the differences between national codes in light of the Single Market.
    • A report is subsequently issued, highlighting that the biggest differences in national codes derived from the legal situation in each country.


    Timeline Heading

    • EASA has 25 SROs member in 22 EU countries.
    • Prisca Ancion-Kors (SRC) assumes the EASA chairmanship.
    • 2nd Corsendonck Conference on Advertising Self-Regulation endorses EASA’s progress and achievements.
    • Industry study on barriers to trade establishes in advertising biggest differences arise from national legislation, not self-regulation.


    • SROs set up in Hungary (ORT) and Luxembourg (CLEP).
    • SROs from South Africa (ASASA) and New Zealand (ASA NZ) become first international corresponding members.
    • Christopher Ogden (ASA) replaces Lucien Bouis as EASA’s Chairperson.
    • 1st EASA survey on the portrayal of men and women in advertising.


    • SRO set up in Slovak Republic (RPR).
    • Publication of “EASA guide to Setting up an SRO”.
    • Launch of Euro Ad-Alert system, to alert the advertising professionals, consumer organisations and relevant institutions about cross-border cases where there was evidence of sharp or illegal malpractice.
    • EASA survey on children and advertising.


    • SROs set up in Czech Republic (RPR), Slovenia (SOZ) and Turkey (RÖK).
    • Lucien Bouis (BVP) assumes the EASA chairmanship.
    • EASA’snewsletter ‘Alliance Update’ is launched.
    • 2nd edition of the EASA Blue Book – Advertising Self-Regulation in Europe – published.
    • EASA establishes first permanent offices at rue de la Pepiniere, Brussels.


    • First fulltime EASA DG, Oliver Gray hired.
    • Noel McMahon (ASAI) is EASA’s 2nd Chairperson.
    • EU Commission conducts consultations on and publishes “Green Paper on Commercial Communications” which recognises the role of self-regulation in a Single Market.
    • EASA becomes an observer member of the International Chamber of Commerce Marketing Commission.
    • EASA operates out of offices of the European Advertising tripartite (EAT).


    Timeline Heading

    • EASA officially launched with 15 SRO members from 13 European countries.
    • Georg Wronka is EASA’s first Chairperson and Geoffrey Draughn is acting Director General.
    • Launch of cross-border complaints system and publication of first cross-border complaints reports.
    • Publication of Advertising and Self-Regulation – the first edition of what will become the EASA Blue Book.


    • EU Vice-President and Commissioner for Competition Policy, Sir Leon Brittan, challenges the advertising industry to seek a self-regulatory solution to problems raised by the creation of the Single Market.
    • First Corsendonk Conference: advertising industry representatives from all over Europe agree to set up an independent coordinating body to bring together existing national SROs, under the name European Advertising Standards Alliance / Alliance Européenne pour l’Ethique en Publicité.  Its mission is to promote self-regulation and to demonstrate that, within a legal framework, it is a more effective way of regulating advertising than detailed legislation.