Advertising standards are applicable to all forms of marketing communications. 

This includes traditional media like print, radio, TV and outdoor, as well as new forms of advertising like digital or mobile advertising. 

EASA includes 13 industry associations within its membership, representing the tripartite structure of the advertising ecosystem (advertisers, agencies and media). By including the people who are involved in the buying, creating and displaying of ads we help to ensure that advertising standards are as relevant as possible, and upheld by all.

Advertising standards are designed to be as future proof as possible in order to keep track of new developments in technology, especially in the ever-changing digital landscape. As and when needed, EASA and its members develop guidance on how ad standards apply to new forms of technology.

With Online Behavioural Advertising, this even led to the creation of a new organisation – the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance – EDAA, which was set up to enhance transparency and user control for online behavioural advertising.