If you would like to complain about an ad, even one that came from a source outside of your country, contact your local Self-Regulatory Organisation.

You will find here the links to the complaint forms of your local SRO.

Click here to find out which local self-regulatory organisations exist in Europe, and here for those outside of Europe. Note that if a self-regulatory organisation exists but is not within our membership, the organisation will not be listed.

If you are not sure to which self-regulatory organisation you should address your complaint to, or if your country does not have a SRO, you can contact us.

In most cases you will be asked to include the following details in your complaint:

  • Where did you see / hear the ad? (e.g. if your complaint is about an ad in a newspaper, please state the name of the newspaper)
  • When did you see / hear the ad? (date / time)
  • Describe what offended you
  • If possible, attach a copy of the ad

  • Your local self-regulatory organisation will first decide whether or not the complaint is of cross-border nature.
  • If it is of a cross-border nature, the recipient self-regulatory organisation will transfer the complaint and all its details to the appropriate self-regulatory organisation in the country where the ad or media originates from, for investigation. If it is not, the complaint will be handled by the local self-regulatory organisation in your country.
  • Which self-regulatory organisation is appropriate is determined by the origin of the media in which the advertisement appeared or, in the case of direct mail or digital marketing communcations, by the origin of the advertiser.
  • When the complaint has arrived at the correct self-regulatory organisation, it will investigate the case according to its own procedures and against their rules and codes.
  • The outcome of the case is either communicated directly to you or in the case of a cross-border complaint communicated to the self-regulatory organisation in your country, which will then inform you about the outcome as well.

Your data

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