The German self-regulatory system has two advertising standards organisations. Deutscher Werberat deals with issues of taste, decency, and social responsibility, whereas the Wettbewerbszentrale handles issues of unfair commercial practices by applying unfair competition law.

Deutscher Werberat

German Advertising Standards Council

Verbändehaus, Am Weidendamm 1A, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Tel: + 49 30 59 00 99 700 | Fax: +49 30 59 00 99 722
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Complaints handling

  • DWR handles complaints from consumers, competitors and other interested parties
  • Fee: Free
  • Complaints must be submitted via an online form or in writing
  • File a complaint

Copy advice

  • Copy advice is available only to members of ZAW (The German Advertising Federation)
  • Fee:
    • Members of ZAW – 3 free copy advices are included in the annual membership fee. Any additional advice costs 400€
  • Feedback is usually given within 1-3 working days