EASA updates its Best Practice Recommendation on Influencer Marketing

22 May 2023

The fast-paced evolution of technologies and rapid development of new forms of digital advertising practices urged SROs and EASA to have a closer look at such marketing communications and explore the best ways to address the challenges coming with them.

EASA recently updated its Best Practice Recommendation on Influencer Marketing, based on the latest development in the field, to help ensure that advertising campaigns run by influencers are responsible and truthful.

What are Best Practice Recommendations (BPRs)?

EASA’s Best Practice Recommendations (BPRs) are designed to provide support and advice to EASA’s Self-Regulatory Organisations (SROs) and industry members on the practice of advertising self-regulation. They are based on EASA’s “Common Principles and Operating
Standards of Best Practice” (EASA Common Principles) and EASA’s “Best Practice Self Regulatory Model“. You can read more about it and access them here.