EASA’s Director General Lucas Boudet attended Content with Conscience 2024

27 February 2024

Content With Conscience 2024, the European conference on the role of influencers and online content creators in the media landscape, organised under the Belgian Presidency, took place in Brussels on February 27.

Influencers generate income through advertising. Their profession is becoming more formalised, with influencing and content creation now serving as full-time occupations for some. Companies engage with influencers to promote their products, while influencers also bear responsibilities toward their followers. How can they engage in responsible influencing. And what role does advertising play in facilitating this? EASA’s Director General Lucas Boudet joined the panel ´Advertising and responsible influencing´ to discuss this.

Lucas Boudet presented advertising self-regulation as a part of the solution to help ensure responsible influencer marketing, and highlighted the importance of working together with all the concerned stakeholders. Bringing together all key players of the advertising ecosystem, advertising self-regulation plays a pivotal role, and take proactive steps in raising awareness of applicable rules.