ICC code 80th anniversary celebrations launch @ French Camp Cannes, France

22 June 2017

The International Chamber of Commerce officially launched the campaign to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Consolidated ICC Code which kicked off with an ICC/French Camp Cannes event on the 20th of June on the occasion of the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.The event, organised in collaboration with the French Association of the Communications Agencies, AACC, took place in the context of an informal reception at the French Camp Cannes, on Le Goëland beach, Cannes. It marks the first in a series of events to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the ICC Code. 

Yannick Bolloré, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Havas, one of the world’s largest global communications groups, provided a key-note address at the event on the ICC Code and its use in creative communications campaigns. Mr Bolloré reaffirmed the value of ICC Code in promoting responsible marketing communications: “As Havas is one of the world’s largest communications groups, it is imperative that our communications campaigns fall in line with the highest standards of ethical best practice”, he said. “The ICC Code provides an international standard for advertising and marketing communications practice, setting ethical standards and best practice guidance for businesses. This includes the use of today’s rapidly changing technology, tools and techniques to market products and services.

Commission members Stéphane Martin (Chairman of ARPP and EASA) and Ximena Tapias Delporte shared a few words during the programme. The ICC Code was also presented at the International Advertising Association cabana on Monday 19 June where Carla Michelotti, Vice-President of the IAA, interviewed Stéphane Martin on using the Code to ensure best practices in the advertising industry and to build trust with consumers.

The full webstory on this event and the 80th anniversary of the Code are available here