Updated Digital Marketing Communications Guidance Launched

05 May 2015

Updated version of EASA’s Best Practice Recommendation on Digital Marketing Communications launched.

New guidance on ad standards in digital marketing communications has been launched today by EASA – the European Advertising Standards Alliance.

EASA has revised its Best Practice Recommendation (BPR) on Digital Marketing Communications to ensure advertising standards remain effective and relevant when it comes to the ever-changing digital landscape and interactive marketing techniques.

The BPR has been ‘futureproofed’ against new technological developments in advertising. An emphasis has been placed on the need for all marketing communications to be easily identifiable for consumers, no matter where or how they are displayed.

In concrete terms, the BPR now includes:

– An explanation of what counts as a marketing communication

– Advice on non-paid for online social media space

– A definition of editorial content

The update will ensure the continued effectiveness of advertising self-regulation. It will also bolster the self-regulatory system in readiness for the Commission’s new Digital Single Market Strategydue to be unveiled tomorrow.

The updated Recommendation is the result of extensive discussions involving Self-Regulatory Organisations (SROs), the ad ecosystem (representatives of advertisers, agencies and the full media spectrum) as well as key external stakeholders. EASA also engaged with the Commission’s DG CONNECT.

The original Recommendation was published in 2008. EASA regularly reviews its Best Practice Recommendations to make sure the operational standards for ad self-regulation remain high.  

Download the 2015 Digital Marketing Communications Best Practice Recommendation here.