EASA organises workhop 'Ensuring Trust in Influencer Marketing'

On 2 December, EASA organised an industry workshop 'Ensuring Trust in Influencer Marketing' at Facebook Partner Center in London. The event discussed influencer marketing challenges, brand safety and brought together digital players, brands and SROs who are committed to ensure responsible influencer marketing. 

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EASA gives a video speech at the Advertising Forum of Central Asia in Kazakhstan

On 24 October, EASA's Director General Lucas Boudet gave a video speech at the Advertising Forum of Central Asia in Kazakhstan. The event brought together representatives of the advertising industry who discussed the development of local self-regulatory organisations in several Central Asian countries. "I hope that our family will continue growing to foster more responsible advertising worldwide" said Mr. Boudet.


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Justina Raižytė presenting at the Influencer Marketing Show in London

On 23 October, Justina Raižytė, Head of Development and Policy at EASA, presented at the Influencer Marketing Show in London. “Let Wild West be bygones and leave complex Matrix to Keanu - simply be responsible, disclose #influencermarketing, build trustworthy influencer marketing brand and when in doubt - ask SRO for advice!” said Justina, discussing influencers, ethics and marketing. This event was attended by the industry’s content creators, brands, agencies and tech platforms.

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ICC releases the final Guides for Responsible Mobile Marketing Communications and Mobile supplement to the IBA Guidance

ICC Executive Board recently approved the final ICC Guide for Responsible Mobile Marketing Communications and Mobile supplement to the ICC Resource Guide for Self-Regulation of Interest-Based Advertising.

ICC Guide for Responsible Mobile Marketing Communications 

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Cannes Lions: St Petersburg host of the 45th IAA World Congress

On 19 June in Cannes, Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of St. Petersburg, and Felix Tataru, IAA Chairman and World President signed a Memorandum for the of hosting the 45th International Advertising Association (IAA) World Congress.

The Congress will be held in 2020 and will gather Global Ad Leaders in the historic city of St. Petersburg

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EASA AGM: Elections of a new Board and Executive Committee

EASA members have met in Helsinki between 19-20 April for the first Biannual Meetings of 2018. The event, hosted by the Finnish SRO, MEN/LTL included meetings of all EASA’s Committees, with keynote presentations from important players in the advertising industry.

During the annual General Assembly meeting on 19 April,  EASA members ratified the composition of the Board and the Executive Committee and re-elected Stéphane Martin, Director General of the French SRO, Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité (ARPP), as Chairman of EASA.

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Self-Regulation Forum in Warsaw

On November 7th, 2017, Rada Reklamy hosted the inaugural meeting of the Self-Regulatory Forum. The meeting took place in Warsaw and was attended by representatives of dozens of trade organizations representing the largest sectors of the Polish economy,  as well as representatives of the regulators. EASA was represented by the Director General, Lucas Boudet.

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