EASA published its Best Practice Recommendation on Digital Marketing Communications 2023

29 November 2023

One of the EASA flagship publications, the Best Practice Recommendation (BPR) on Digital Marketing Communications, stands as a beacon in the dynamic realm of digital marketing, offering comprehensive guidelines for a responsible and transparent landscape. Rooted in the principles of the 2018 Advertising and Marketing Communications Code of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), this BPR ensures the application of self-regulation in the ever-evolving sphere of advertising content within the digital space.

Crafted through extensive discussions involving advertisers, agencies, media, digital pure players, and self-regulatory organizations, the BPR serves as a vital tool for navigating the intricacies of digital marketing. It not only defines marketing communications in the online space but also outlines the remit of advertising self-regulation for online marketing content. The document addresses the challenges posed by new digital and interactive marketing techniques, providing clarity on what falls within the scope of self-regulatory rules. As digital marketing continues to shape consumer interactions, this publication is an invaluable ‘freeze-frame’ analysis, offering insights to marketers, advertisers, and regulators alike. Furthermore, the BPR underscores the importance of transparency in digital marketing, aligning with international standards to ensure audiences can accurately identify marketing content, receive reliable information, and avoid misleading experiences.

You can download it here.