EASA speaks at ICC’s webinar in the framework of COP28

04 December 2023

In a recent International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) webinar titled ‘Greenvertising 2.0: Navigating Sustainable Advertising with Integrity,’ representatives from industry, European institutions and self-regulation field gathered together to discuss the critical role of businesses in shaping responsible environmental practices. Lucas Boudet, representing the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA), emphasized the collective responsibility in addressing and preventing greenwashing.

“We are all part of the equation and part of the solution. Let’s further work together to strive not only to get rid of greenwashing but also to prevent it. EASA and its members have been and will continue to actively take part in the conversation together with other stakeholders,” stated Lucas Boudet during the insightful panel discussion.

The webinar focused on the question of how businesses can lead the way in making credible green claims. Jeroen Van Laer from the European Commission underscored the importance of robust self-regulatory codes in achieving this objective. “The better self-regulatory codes are enforced, the more public resources we can dedicate to something else,” he remarked. This highlighted the value of advertising self-regulation as a complementary method to foster responsible advertising practices.

The discussion delved into the delicate balance of creating a buzz about sustainability without compromising authenticity and responsibility. Industry experts shared insights on how to navigate the fine line between promoting environmental consciousness and avoiding the pitfalls of greenwashing.

The event was not just an exchange of ideas but also a call to action. Thanks again to the International Chamber of Commerce for organising this event, in the framework of the ongoing COP28, bringing together diverse voices to address the challenges of sustainable advertising in the contemporary business landscape.