EASA speaks at third-party events – January 2024

12 February 2024

On January 30, EASA’s Director General Lucas Boudet and Policy and Public Affairs Officer, Alexandre Dérobert, joined the International Chamber of Commerce Global Marketing and Advertising Commission in London to discuss application and revisions of the ICC Marketing Code with regard to the use of AI in advertising. To feed the conversation with additional insights, EASA invited keynote speakers showcasing how AI fuels creativity and powers self-regulation of advertising online. And as the EU elections are nearing, EASA provided insights into EU’s political and institutional developments, zooming on the EU initiatives to regulate green claims. This discussion was also an opportunity to highlight EASA’s continuous advocacy work, to raise awareness among politicians about the important role played by ad SR in the fight against greenwashing. 

On January 12, EASA’s Alexandre Dérobert delivered an introductory presentation at Cosmetic Europe’s webinar about the draft Green Claims directive, sharing insights on how the upcoming regulatory framework could impact sectors such as cosmetics.