EASA’s November: Insights, Ethics, and Responsible Marketing Initiatives

29 November 2023

November has proven to be a busy month for EASA, with our team actively participating in various events that delve into a wide array of topics relevant to our network – please find a selection below.

To kick off the month, Tudor Manda, our Self-Regulation Development Officer, delivered a lecture on ethics in advertising. This lecture was a part of the newly introduced course on marketing ethics at Ghent University’s Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. The session aimed to equip students with the fundamental principles underpinning advertising self-regulation.

Further into the month, our Director General, Lucas Boudet, and Policy and Public Affairs Officer, Alexandre Derobert, played key roles in the ICC UK International Trade and Prosperity Week. Lucas Boudet took on the role of moderator, while Alexandre Derobert served as a speaker in the session themed ‘Green Claims and Consumers Trust.’ Derobert emphasized the significance of coherence in the regulation of greenclaims, stressing the need for consistency among different legislative initiatives and alignment of EU initiatives with existing self-regulatory systems covering green claims. The objective is to establish clear rules that are navigable for all stakeholders. The recording of the session is available here.

Additionally, Lucas Boudet served as a panel judge for the Responsible Marketing Challenge organized by Ferrero and JA Europe. This initiative, designed to raise awareness about responsible marketing and consumer trust among young people, engaged university students in Belgium and the Netherlands. These students worked on developing responsible marketing campaigns as part of the challenge.